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Ovation Tyres are a value for money budget tyre with a decent range of car tyres.

These tyres are good quality tyres manufactured in a new, state of the art factory that boasts the most modern machinery and an impressive in house research and development capability. It should be said that several of the highly trained engineers and technicians who have contributed to the design and development of Ovation brand, and who oversee the manufacture and quality quantrol of the tyres.

We sell Ovation tyres in the following tread patterns. Ovation VI682 Tyres, Ovation VI388 Tyres, Ovation V02 Tyres, Ovation VI182 Tyres, Ovation W582 Tyres, etc. We have large stocks of Ovation tyres at bargain online prices and we offer a rapid delivery service.
Dubai, UAE
Karachi, Pakistan
Houston, TX, USA
Qingdao, China
Nairobi, Kenya
Hong Kong, China